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Tongue Tied

Mia loves two things: feminism, and journalism. She’s landed the scoop of a lifetime, and she’s not going to let anything stand in her way. Parker loves one thing: his job at Sunday Juice. They’ve landed in a PR nightmare, and he has every intention to pull them out of it. But they didn't plan on falling into each others laps.

Passion has a tendency to ruin even the best of intentions and the most perfectly pronounced of political dispositions. When so many things in her life have to be black or white, Mia finds herself falling, spectacularly, into the grey areas.

Tongue Tied is an exploration of ethics, integrity and how passion can fuck up even the best laid plans.

Performed at the Old Fitzroy Hotel as part of the New Fitz Program

Written by Clare Hennessy

Performed by Gary Clementson and Contessa Treffone

Costume, Props and Set Dressing by Ara Nuri Steel

Sound by Nick Turton

Stage Managed by Maddy McWilliam

Images by Ara Nuri Steel

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