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Amongst Ruins (Snake Eggs Hatch)

What was once a great city has fallen into decay.

Cyclical revolutions are commonplace and bloody.
A plague of monsters chokes the streets.
Poverty and famine reign.

The Merchant decides to get out once and for all, the only way she knows how;
selling weapons to both sides of the war.

Amongst Ruins is a thrilling exploration of human conflict and morality, and the psychological fallout of these values colliding.

In a world of constant war, can you afford peace?

Performed at the Old Fitzroy Hotel as part of the New Fitz Program

Written by Michael McStay

Directed by Jessica Arthur

Performed by Ryan Carter, Jack Crumlin, Amy Hack, Zoe Jensen and Cecilia Morrow

Costume and Props by Maya Keys
Lighting Design by Alex Berlage

Sound Design by Thomas Moore

Stage Managed/Operated by Cecilia Nelson

Images by Justin McStay

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