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Lose to Win


Lose to Win is an autobiographical one-man show. It is an intimate exploration of perseverance, self-acceptance and hope. Mandela Mathia takes you on a journey from Juba, South Sudan to Cairo, Egypt and finally to Sydney, Australia. Along the way he details the trials he has overcome to be truly grateful for where he is today.

Through spoken word, song, comedy and movement, Mandela will share with audiences his love of hip-hop, biblical stories, and the vast range of jobs he has worked that have shaped him.

In Mandela’s writing debut, he interrogates what it means to search for safety and to find a true sense of self. His stories celebrate the South Sudanese community and acknowledges how far they’ve come after 27 years of war. 

Writer and perfomer: Mandela Mathia

Director: Jessica Arthur

Lighting: Kate Baldwin

Sound Design: Rose Mulcare

Producer: Dino Dimitriadis

Photographer: Clare Hawley


Redline Productions at The Old Fitz


Suzy Goes See

  • It is a sensitively constructed work...under the direction of Jessica Arthur, there is plentiful humour and charm to encounter, in a production careful to sidestep traumatic tropes, in favour of something altogether more joyful and modern.

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