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The Tenant of Wildfell Hall


When Anne Brontë’s The Tenant of Wildfell Hall was published in 1848, it became an instant sensation. The stirring and groundbreaking story of Helen Graham and her mysterious arrival in the town of Lindenhope – a young son in tow, no husband in sight and a painful secret in her past – so shocked and galvanised English society with its frank depiction of an abusive relationship that Brontë’s equally famous sister (Jane Eyre’s Charlotte Brontë) sought to prevent its republication. Now, almost two centuries after The Tenant of Wildfell Hall’s scandalous publication, Emme Hoy mines this pioneering classic to produce an entrancing, ingenious, and passionate period drama for the twenty-first Century.

Writer: Anne Brontë, adapted by Emme Hoy

Director: Jessica Arthur

Set Design: Elizabeth Gadsby

Costume Design: Renee Mulder

Lighting Design: Trent Suidgeest

Composition and Sound Design: Clemence Williams

Assistant Director: Megan Wilding

Cast: Danielle Catanzariti, Remy Hii, Tara Morice, Tuuli Narkle, Ben O'Toole, Steve Rodgers, Eliza Scott, Anthony Taufa, Nikita Waldron

Photographer: Prudence Upton

Roslyn Packer Theatre for Sydney Theatre Company | July/August 2022


Limelight ★★★★

"A bracing, sharp-witted and entertaining contemporary retelling of a provocative feminist classic" Limelight

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