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The Sugar Syndrome



This blackly comic and bravely provocative piece explores the relationship between a troubled teenage girl and a child abuser she meets over the Internet. As Dani’s relationship with the much older Tim becomes more intense, he asks her to help him with those things most precious and most dangerous to him in the world. Despite the dark subject matter, this is a wonderfully funny play that takes a fresh look at damaged people and how they find refuge in each other.

Winner of the prestigious George Devine Award.

"Complex, insightful and challenging – everything theatre should be." Four stars - ANN FOO, ArtsHub review

By Lucy Prebble


Director: Jessica Arthur

Set: Madeleine Hoy and Alexander Berlage
Costume: Madeleine Hoy

Lighting: Alexander Berlage

Cast: Michael Abercomby, Nicholas Denton, Lucy Miller and Cece Peters 








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