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Grand Horizons


Nancy and Bill are calling it quits. After 50 years of ‘married bliss’, Nancy wants to take a last chance at living her best life. And Bill? Well, Bill’s OK with it. The couple’s adult children, Ben and Brian, are definitely not OK with it. Who said elderly parents have a right to branch out and try new things?

This brand new family comedy straight from pre-lockdown Broadway takes a brilliantly comedic – and ultimately moving – look at romance and intergenerational divides in the era of self-expression, alternative family models and... sexting.

Writer: Bess Wohl

Director: Jessica Arthur

Designer: Renee Mulder

Lighting: Verity Hampson

Composition and Sound Design: Clemence Williams

Assistant Director: Megan Wilding

Cast: John Bell, Linda Cropper, Vanessa Downing, James Majoos, Johnny Nasser, Zindzi Okenyo, Guy Simon

Cast 2022 season: Mansoor Noor and Vaishnavi Suryaprakash

Photographer: Prudence Upton

Roslyn Packer Theatre for Sydney Theatre Company | June/July 2021 with a return season in 2022.


Time Out - ★★★★★ 

  • "Sharp dramedy is sparky fun"

  • "The cast, headed by veterans Bell and Cropper, is in top notch form, delivering Wohl’s sharp, layered dialogue with pinpoint comic timing that left the audience roaring."

  • "A deeply funny and poignant account of late-life crisis with honesty, humour, and hope."

Sydney Morning Herald - ★★★★½ 

  • “A hilarious but gripping deep dive into intergenerational family life.” 

  • “There is a beautiful clarity at the heart of Grand Horizons.”

  • “Grand Horizons is a gem of a play, a feast of emotions hidden in plain sight. And this is a gem of a production, brilliantly staged by an ensemble on top form."

Limelight - ★★★★ 

  • “Jessica Arthur has adapted and directed this American script for an Australian audience with warmth, wit and impeccable pacing”

  • “A lively, compassionate dramatic comedy”

Suzy Goes See

  • "It is a surreptitiously philosophical work, accomplished with a wonderful sense of humour, and often with a subversive streak."

  • "The play is undeniably enjoyable, full of wit and whimsy that makes for a hilarious and thought-provoking experience."

  • "Director Jessica Arthur proves herself a formidable creator of comedy; her strategies vary from delicate to bold, demonstrating an adventurous creative spirit, and a serious commitment to tickling her audience."

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