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At its simplest, this play is an imagining of all the conversations you always wanted to have with someone you could have loved. We have created How Are You? to enable a deeper understanding of a subject that for so long has been put down, ignored and in certain circumstances, subjugated


This play explores the experience of love in memory, invisibly unfurling into and out of private intimacies and evoking the deep and dangerous escapism that only love can deliver. How Are You? is an honest and revealing account of personal choice in the face of love’s most profound complication: life.


-The Anchor Theatre Company


'Arthur keeps the action tight and flowing, finding movement to create a dance of emotion where dialogue could too readily simply become a to and fro flow between two actors.  Arthur maintains a Brechtian touch that invites us not to become subsumed by the relationships but to stand apart and judge. This is not to diminish the dramatic effect of the performances, but rather to heighten our engagement with the words and the actions.' - Canberra Critics Circle Review

By Laura Lethlean

Produced by Aspen Island Theatre Company and The Anchor for DESIGN Canberra Festival 2015

Director: Jessica Arthur

Dramaturg and Producer: Katie Cawthorne

Set and Costume: Ara Nuri Steel
Sound: Russell Goldsmith

Cast: Julia Christensen, Richard Cotta and Isha Menon








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